We're on fire, baby.


Whaddup everybody!

I'm extremely excited to share with you today's outfit -drum roll-
I received a pair of gold jeggings, perfect for the winter to spring weather transition! Though they're a bit too big for me, I think I might be in love with them. The extra 'space' and stretch makes it so comfortable to Bboy in - being able to dance with style is simply a bonus!

An awesome tip from my friend Jay, " if you're unsure about wearing odd coloured pants, match your shoes and jacket". Or top and shoes, hat and shoes etc; 

Don't worry if you don't dance, you can still rock gold pants! With the same top, i prepped it up a pair of Litas and spike cuffs. What's better than confidence in a girl? 

ONLY ONE MORE ROUND TO GO GUYS! I believe that we can do this :D
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Thank you so so so so so so so much for all your support and encouragements(:


P.S Happy first day of spring!