Swan Valley Wineries and Vineyards

Hi! It's been a while!
Went on a quick trip to Swan Valley when my cousin visited and decided to take a couple of snaps. The vineyards at Sandalford and various other wineries are so beautiful and perfect for photos. It's probably why people have weddings here. I also found new love for wine. I especially hate the taste of red wine, but Sandleford changed it all. They have some of the loveliest, sweet and light on the palate  white, red and dessert wines. My favourite, along with my companion's was the Late Harvest, freshly harvested and filled with sweet fruity goodness. I would be drinking it right now if alcohol didn't make me sleepy and red. They also have a classy restaurant located beside the shop which I have my eyes on trying out some day (heard some pretty good reviews about it).

Anyway, if you're passing by or touring Swan Valley, be sure to visit Sandalford because they are in my opinion, the best in town.

Head in for a taste (~$2 or free, if you purchase a bottle)

Sandalford Winery/ Estate Restaurant
3210 W Swan Rd

Caversham, WA 

Singapore 2014 Visual Diary

Wedding bells rang 2 days upon arriving to a humid but much-cooler-than-Australia Singapore. Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and her beau! I am truly happy for them and slightly grossed about by how mushy and lovey dovey they can get.

High tea at Equinox, Swissotel

 The next big thing was Elvis coming to Singapore! It was our 'first trip' together, the year before doesn't exactly count because he came with friends. We went to Batam, Indonesia with my relatives for 3 days and got to eat cheap food, light up fireworks, and sit on the back of a ute with our hair flowing in the wind. We spent the rest of his holiday doing touristy/couple-y things like visiting Sentosa and taking the cable cars, shopping, eating sashimi, meeting relatives and simply enjoying each other's company. It was great, but time flew by too fast.

Soon after, Debbie came to visit! She stayed for just 3 days, which was pretty sad because there was so much we wanted to do, but so little time! We did the things Singapore is best known for- Shopping and Eating! We also spent our days laughing at each other's 'noobness', having the customary D&Ms, eating, and then eating again. It was fantastic! Ugh, I miss her to much. 

The day after Debbie left was Chinese New Year, so I spent the rest of my days in Singapore with family! Caught up with family, did some last minute shopping (SPEND ALL MONEY!), and finally got to try duck confit and a rainbow cake! Others than it's intriguing exterior, it's pretty much sponge cake..which was disappointing. Oh well, red velvet all the way?

Overall, it was the busiest trip I've had so far, but it was also the most rewarding! Made plenty of memories that I will never forget and fondly look back upon.

From good to bad to okay.

My devilicious cousin and our guilty cocktail

I've been extremely lazy and unmotivated to blog since my last singapore trip. But in 'brief', since I last posted, my hair turned pink, I went to uni for 2 weeks, had to fly back to Singapore where I spent about 3 months growing fat, dyed hair brown, bleached and dyed hair blonde and dip dyed it back to pink, came back to the land down under, struggled to catch up with life, and now I've sorta picked myself back up and am back in uni! Things happen so fast and I still often find myself wondering if this is all a dream. How does time fly this fast?

Hmm what else? G-Dragon released his album and I'm absolutely in love with EVERY SINGLE SONG. He's my idol, inspiration, everything he does is so out of this world, his absurdity and confidence is to die for. It's also my birthday next week, I think it's a beautiful coincidence that his albums have been consecutively been released near my birthday, since last year(heh). I can't wait to turn 18! In a way, I'm sort of excited to earn the title of being an 'adult'.

 So anyway, I'm gunna attempt to get back to blogging but it ain't gunna be about fashion and stuff anymore. Well maybe a bit, but i'm going to keep it casual, a bit like a diary where I can express anything I want, whenever I want.

Peace xx

Let the sun shine.

For the past few weeks,I've been spending most of my time in bed, eating, shopping, playing, and basically being everything but productive. I'm actually on holiday in Singapore though, so I guess that's an excuse? To be honest, I've been out almost everyday doing things and would only be home because of consecutively falling sick every couple of days.

Surprisingly, deserted alleyways had some of the nicest restaurants to eat at- going in just makes you feel all warm and special! I decided to take my chances and snapped a few shots, but not too many because it got awkward.(heh, heh) Although the green tea hype in me has cooled down, I can't help but eat something green tea flavored whenever I see it! I've also been shopping lots and stocking up on U.S imported make up, because they are crazily overpriced and hard to find in Perth.

On a side note, I've dyed my hair purple! I intend on making it a couple shades lighter so stay tuned!


Darling December,

'Melting Ice-cream' patterned nails sprinkled with gems and ribbons 

Christmas OOTD( Denim top and heels from Indulge Clothing)

Korean BBQ with mummy for X'mas

On the way out to celebrate exam results with the best friend on NYE
December 2012 had to be my favorite and most eventful month of the year. My days have never been this packed before! There's always something to do, somewhere to be, hardly any chill time. I've also been working a-heck-load in attempt to save up for my upcoming trip to Singapore.

On the side, the month marked the start of my holidays which lead to some of THE BEST events of my life(so far). Just to name a few- My 2 year anniversary with my boyfie, Christmas, Boxing day shopping, ATAR results (exam results for university), my very first Jeffrey Campbells etc. However, I think what I cherish most was finally being able to hang out with my friends and loved ones without the little voice at the back of my head stressing out about school and exams. (:

There's so much to do, so much to shop, so much to accomplish! Loving life so much at the moment, can things please just stay perfect. <3



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