Pants worthy



I can't believe it, I'm in the finals! What even, right?!
This would not have ever ever happened if it weren't for your incredible love and support! Thank you guys so much! To show my gratitude, there's going to be a massive giveaway coming your way around the start of this week, so stay tuned (:
Anyway, this week I received 3 items to play around with, so there'll be 3 consecutive posts starting from Friday/Saturday and ending Monday. To WIN this competition, I'll need to have the HIGHEST amount of combined votes from these 3 post, this is officially post 1! (yes, I have highlighted the important points through italics and bolds haha)

Back to the point of the post! I received a pair of light brown pants, and being like 155cm ( I think), pants weren't really my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I tried my best!

It was pretty funny, because when I tried them on, I could wear them as a jumpsuit!
Anyway, I didn't really have a top which matched these pants so I borrowed my friend's romper. I had to get help with pinning the pants slightly tighter so they wouldn't drop off.
I have to say, it actually worked out pretty well! I'm not quite sure how to describe the style though..contemporary? But I thought it was a bit vintage too ( with the shoes and accessories)
Not only tall people can wear such pants!

If only I was taller, they'd be perfect! Its weird, I kinda like how this competition has pushed me to try new things and realize that they aren't all as bad as they seem. If you really want to work something, you'll always find a way! Haha anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Lots of love,