Spring Day


I'm glad to announce that this if officially the last post for the competition! The last piece of clothing I received was a lovely bright floral top which i adore so much. It's extremely versatile too-it brightens up any plain pair of jeans and matches the this season so well! However, I decided to go for something less 'typical' or 'simple' if you'd like:

Thank you everyone for being with me and supporting me all the way, I wish I could individually hug every single one of you! However, this isn't the end of my blog (muahaha), I'm going to keep working on my blog to make it better ( after my exams). To thank you all for being so kind to me, I've planned a pretty big give away- I will write up a new post for this tomorrow, because I don't want to be clogging this post up!

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Im desperately needing likes for the other 2 posts too, as I'm falling behind!




With this quick finish, I bid you farewell and until tomorrow! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me(:

Love, Cherubina