Indulging in suprises


 After a tiring day of school, I came home to find a parcel on the kitchen bench top. I always order make up, accessories and other random things from the internet so it was pretty ordinary, but this special parcel had "AUSPOST" labelled on it. I was confused, because I knew I hadn't ordered anything from within Australia.I thought to myself,  the postman must've made a mistake again- but no, my name was on it and on the back it said it was from Indulge! Without hesitation, I ripped the packaging away and revealed in front of my eyes was a beautiful silk chiffon top with butterfly prints by FATE.

I was home alone at that time and started freaking out! Well, because, I didn't think I was qualified for the Indulge Blogger Competition! But also because the rules required all competitors to basically have everything done by Friday. (The sun was almost down and I had 3 essays to write for English and a ton of homework from other subjects all due on Friday.) After calling a friend to expel what seemed like the craziest situation I've ever been in, I sat my bedroom floor staring at the piece of clothing. My mind was blank, because well, I've never bought or worn anything like it before; and not to mention the asymmetrical hem which just would not work with my short legs.

I was struck with a mental blank out! I was tracing my hands along the butterfly prints, absorbing the feeling of the coarse yet soft material when I noticed the leathery ribbon that streamed down to the bottom of blouse(and the price tag that said it costed $130) . It then struck me- I grabbed my two favorite high waist shorts and threw the outfits on. After multiple times of tucking the blouse in, pulling it back out and twisting it around, I came up with this:

The shirt itself has so much detail; it was best to work my outfit around it rather than on it. I'm not a full on vintage girl, but the shirt itself was based around that idea so I decided to incorporate into today's outfit, spikes and leather!- the style i usually like wear. The pair of black shorts had a nice texture and shine to it, but didn't steal the limelight from the shirt. Together, the gold spikes and litas added a "chic" accent which complimented to the outfit. Fortunately i already had hot pink nails which along with my lipstick added a nice pop of colour! (yay!)

Like what you see?(;
Here's some tips on how to can achieve a similar look!
1. Any loose/flowy chiffon top (they're basically available in EVERY store)
2. Grab a pair of high waist shorts and tuck away!

3. Gently pull out the "main" part of the top from the shorts ( In this case, my main part was the 'tail' of the top so i tucked all around it so it remains as the main focus)
4. Readjust the shirt so the folds fall over the top of your shorts to achieve a effortless look

5. Put on a statement piece of your choice

6. Throw on a pair of boots or heels and you're ready!

 I'd really like to thank Indulge for sending me this gorgeous piece and giving me the opportunity to have a taste of a style I have never tried out before (and could never afford!). It is an absolute honor to even be qualified seeing that i'm not yet an actual "blogger". It still feels so unreal!

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Love, Cherubina