Black and yellow


(hehe, half painted nails)

Howdy ya'll!

First of all, thank you for getting me into the second round! Or if you're new, welcome! ^.^
In my first post, I didn't state clearly what this is exactly about, so some of you were a bit confused. Basically, I've entered a competition, where Indulge( a clothing company) sends me a piece of clothing and I have dress it up however I like. The challenge is that every participant has to try to get as many likes as they can, because the bottom 3 with the LEAST likes gets dropped out of the competition! The aim of course, is to get through as many rounds as i can! But  without your help, i won't be able to do it. -frown-
So my fate is all in your hands! haha, no pressure at all.

Anyway, on to the item of the week!

I received a  yellow top, made out of chiffon! (insert happy face) I decided to style it up with a ballerina skirt and some gladiator wedges. Nothing really inspired me, I just thought it'd look good together; unless you count wanting to hide my fat pack from being exposed by a short top being "inspiration". I love tucking my shirts in for some reason..not sure why. The eye catcher was the amazing back details! It would've been a shame if my hair covered it, soooooo.. i decided to put my hair up! But for a bit of a twist, instead of making it a typical bun i left the ends hanging on the side. To top it off, I put one of my spike bracelets around it! Last minute decisions are always the best(:

Sorry today's post is so brief! My parcel arrived late and i've got a ton of homework waiting for me ( not exaggerating, i swear! (sigh at high school life)
You know what to do(;
1. Visit Indulge's Facebook page at
2. Look for my post and if you liked what you read, or simply would just like to support me, scroll down their timeline, look for the post with me in it and like it! Every vote like counts!

P.S I actually look through to see who liked my post, so i can be forever grateful!

Much Love, 

Credits to Hillary Xu, my amazing photographer/rapist fighter for rushing around with me to get this all ready in 1 and a half hours!