The Face Shop V.I.P Night


Long time no blog! Sorry for being away for so long, I finally finished exams a week and ago and spent the past few days catching up and getting my shiz together! I'm excited to be back and will definitely be posting more.
Last week I was invited to The Face Shop V.I.P Night, even though it was the day right before my last exam, I simply couldn't turn this opportunity down!
To start of, they had the yummiest little treats and drinks.

 They really knew how to spoil their guests! There were delicious cookies, cupcakes, cheese platters hor d'oeuvres, sparkling juice and champagne.

Through the night there were little workshops to teach the basics of applying foundation, eye make up, nail polish and face cleansing; accompanied with some very useful tips and tricks. As guests, we got to be pampered with Face Shop's products and had the chance to go around the shop to try their never ending supply of samples!
They have the widest range of nail polish I've ever seen, it was like a nail wonderland.

Everything there smells so nice, it's crazy! Even their nail polish smells heavenly.

The cutest packagings ever!

They even have stuff for the guys!

That night, everyone was given a goodie bag which contained some face treats! The treat bag included a tube of cleansing cream, bottles of toner and lotion and so much more! I've always been a fan of Face Shop's make up, but never really tried their facial products, so this event was great opportunity! I'll definitely be grabbing a few Christmas gifts from there!

Stocked up on some natural lashes while I was at it!
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See ya'll soon on my next post about my HUUUGE haul from Indulge Clothing!

Love, Cherubina