Darling December,


'Melting Ice-cream' patterned nails sprinkled with gems and ribbons 

Christmas OOTD( Denim top and heels from Indulge Clothing)

Korean BBQ with mummy for X'mas

On the way out to celebrate exam results with the best friend on NYE
December 2012 had to be my favorite and most eventful month of the year. My days have never been this packed before! There's always something to do, somewhere to be, hardly any chill time. I've also been working a-heck-load in attempt to save up for my upcoming trip to Singapore.

On the side, the month marked the start of my holidays which lead to some of THE BEST events of my life(so far). Just to name a few- My 2 year anniversary with my boyfie, Christmas, Boxing day shopping, ATAR results (exam results for university), my very first Jeffrey Campbells etc. However, I think what I cherish most was finally being able to hang out with my friends and loved ones without the little voice at the back of my head stressing out about school and exams. (:

There's so much to do, so much to shop, so much to accomplish! Loving life so much at the moment, can things please just stay perfect. <3