After rain comes sunshine


Yay, it's almost the weekends! Aren't you excited?

 After a stressful half-week of rushing assignments and staying up till crazy AMs, my new challenge from Indulge arrived! I was gifted a cute pair of brown faux leather shorts - insert happy face-
So far the week's been filled with so many ups and downs, I seriously can't wait till it's over! However, I did learn something from it all- that after rain always comes sunshine. I feel really grateful to those who have been so kind and patient with me, those who cheered me up and those who cheered me on; whether it was intentional or not, thank you!(:
I was really inspired to base my outfit around this idea. Think simple, neutral, but happy!
Since today was pretty warm, i decided to do 2 outfits. One for the upcoming spring and one for winter(:



Wanna achieve this look?

All you need is some basic vintage staples- a collared white blouse ( preferably textured), brown shorts and some awesome creepers! I threw on my boyfriend blazer on the second outfit for a sophisticated transition. Pinned on my collar cuffs to match the bracelets, and also to add some colour to the outfit.

(Tip: Add accents of gold to a plain outfit if you want some colour that's not too overwhelming)

I hope you all have a good week and don't forget to visit the Indulge website to vote for me! Items from my previous posts are currently being sold on their official website, so check it out(;

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Much Love,