Let the sun shine.


For the past few weeks,I've been spending most of my time in bed, eating, shopping, playing, and basically being everything but productive. I'm actually on holiday in Singapore though, so I guess that's an excuse? To be honest, I've been out almost everyday doing things and would only be home because of consecutively falling sick every couple of days.

Surprisingly, deserted alleyways had some of the nicest restaurants to eat at- going in just makes you feel all warm and special! I decided to take my chances and snapped a few shots, but not too many because it got awkward.(heh, heh) Although the green tea hype in me has cooled down, I can't help but eat something green tea flavored whenever I see it! I've also been shopping lots and stocking up on U.S imported make up, because they are crazily overpriced and hard to find in Perth.

On a side note, I've dyed my hair purple! I intend on making it a couple shades lighter so stay tuned!