From good to bad to okay.


My devilicious cousin and our guilty cocktail

I've been extremely lazy and unmotivated to blog since my last singapore trip. But in 'brief', since I last posted, my hair turned pink, I went to uni for 2 weeks, had to fly back to Singapore where I spent about 3 months growing fat, dyed hair brown, bleached and dyed hair blonde and dip dyed it back to pink, came back to the land down under, struggled to catch up with life, and now I've sorta picked myself back up and am back in uni! Things happen so fast and I still often find myself wondering if this is all a dream. How does time fly this fast?

Hmm what else? G-Dragon released his album and I'm absolutely in love with EVERY SINGLE SONG. He's my idol, inspiration, everything he does is so out of this world, his absurdity and confidence is to die for. It's also my birthday next week, I think it's a beautiful coincidence that his albums have been consecutively been released near my birthday, since last year(heh). I can't wait to turn 18! In a way, I'm sort of excited to earn the title of being an 'adult'.

 So anyway, I'm gunna attempt to get back to blogging but it ain't gunna be about fashion and stuff anymore. Well maybe a bit, but i'm going to keep it casual, a bit like a diary where I can express anything I want, whenever I want.

Peace xx