Singapore 2014 Visual Diary


Wedding bells rang 2 days upon arriving to a humid but much-cooler-than-Australia Singapore. Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and her beau! I am truly happy for them and slightly grossed about by how mushy and lovey dovey they can get.

High tea at Equinox, Swissotel

 The next big thing was Elvis coming to Singapore! It was our 'first trip' together, the year before doesn't exactly count because he came with friends. We went to Batam, Indonesia with my relatives for 3 days and got to eat cheap food, light up fireworks, and sit on the back of a ute with our hair flowing in the wind. We spent the rest of his holiday doing touristy/couple-y things like visiting Sentosa and taking the cable cars, shopping, eating sashimi, meeting relatives and simply enjoying each other's company. It was great, but time flew by too fast.

Soon after, Debbie came to visit! She stayed for just 3 days, which was pretty sad because there was so much we wanted to do, but so little time! We did the things Singapore is best known for- Shopping and Eating! We also spent our days laughing at each other's 'noobness', having the customary D&Ms, eating, and then eating again. It was fantastic! Ugh, I miss her to much. 

The day after Debbie left was Chinese New Year, so I spent the rest of my days in Singapore with family! Caught up with family, did some last minute shopping (SPEND ALL MONEY!), and finally got to try duck confit and a rainbow cake! Others than it's intriguing exterior, it's pretty much sponge cake..which was disappointing. Oh well, red velvet all the way?

Overall, it was the busiest trip I've had so far, but it was also the most rewarding! Made plenty of memories that I will never forget and fondly look back upon.